Raw Materials

Our range of edible oils are carefully sourced and manufactured from the best quality seeds or nuts. The selection of raw materials is subject to strict quality measures and we choose the highest quality of seeds to offer the best aroma, taste and flavour. We maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the manufacturing process right from sourcing organic raw materials to traditional cold pressing techniques.


Raw materials are dried in the sunlight and crushed in a wooden mortar. We refrain from using organic solvents in the manufacturing process and deliver fresh products as we start the preparation process only after receiving orders. We use traditional production methods, and the oil is filtered in natural sunlight for two days for the sediments to settle down. They are handpicked and dispatched every day; fresh from the oil mill. This means that the freshness, taste, aroma and nutrition is preserved. Our products are  packed with all of its stupendous health endowments, flavours, richness and purity intact so that our customers have a healthy lifestyle.


Our cold-pressed oils are widely preferred in thousands of households because of the natural processing methods, rich taste and aroma. They are healthier than all other refined oils. Our products are available in many retail stores and can be ordered directly through our website, Amazon and Flipkart platforms too. We also export a wide range of agro products based on customer requirements. We deal in wholesale onion trading as well.