The current generation has become the victim of sedentary lifestyle. A healthy diet is not a choice any more but a necessity. Choosing the best edible oil that is pure, fresh, nutritious and flavourful is not easy. We produce healthy cooking oils in a hygienic atmosphere using finest quality vagai wood mortars (chekku). No chemicals are used in any part of the production system. Our cold-pressed and natural sunlight filtration methods make it a perfect oil for everyday healthy cooking requirements. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products and putting an end to our customer’s search for pure and healthy products.

The healthier oils listed here are safe for higher temperature cooking such as stir-frying, pan frying and deep frying. Becuase these oils have high smoke point compare to the refined oils.

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Alphonso Mango


Mangos are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are the succulent, aromatic fruits of an evergreen tree , a member of the cashew family of flowering plants.

organic coconut oil

Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil in Coimbatore is extracted from fungus-free and sodium-free coconuts. This is 100% natural and no chemicals are used. This can be used as a multi-purpose oil for cooking, frying, baking, roasting, drizzling and can be used in a number of beauty applications. This has a mild coconut aroma that won’t overpower your cooking. Cold-pressed coconut oil in Coimbatore offers various health benefits that include lowering the obesity levels in the body, battles insulin resistance, aids in liver health, stops heart disease and high blood pressure, aids with digestion, and acts as an anti-aging component. Coconut Oil in Coimbatore smoothens the skin. The fine aroma of our coconut oil can be used as an essential part of every meal. Coconut Oil in Coimbatore is durable and heat resistant by nature which prevents the production of trans fatty acids when used for frying, deep frying or baking.

Gingely oil

Gingelly Oil


Throughout history, sesame seed oil has been regarded as a food as well as medicine. This oil is made from naturally grown sesame seeds. Therefore, it imparts the food with an earthy flavour. This has a very high smoke point and is suitable for deep-frying. Popularly used for oil pulling and massaging. Our oil is darker and so much more flavorful too. Cold-pressed Gingelly oil in coimbatore is extracted from sesame seeds. They are full of high-quality protein and prevent diabetes.

Gingelly oil in coimbatore contains magnesium and has proven to reduce blood pressure. They boost heart health, prevent cancer, lessen anxiety, and alleviates anemia. Contact us for more details to buy gingelly oil in coimbatore.

Groundnut Oil


Its mild and nutty flavour is retained even after cooking. This oil is high in monounsaturated fat, making it a popular choice for high-heat cooking. The high smoke point of this oil makes it ideal for stir-frying food at a high temperature. It is a good source of vitamin E and antioxidants, which offers many health benefits.Groundnut oil in coimbatore is rich in Vitamin E and has resveratrol that protects human cells from cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and nervous system diseases. Groundnut oil has fatty acids and is free from cholesterol. They are also rich in plant sterols that aid in reducing the risk of a heart attack. Most conventional groundnut oil in Coimbatore in the market are extracted through heat or chemical processes. Groundnut oil in coimbatore adds flavour and good health to your everyday cooking.

Natural Honey

We extract multi-floral honey straight from the beehive and deliver it to you the way our honeybees created it – 100% raw and pure. It’s that simple.