Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil in Coimbatore is extracted from fungus-free and sodium-free coconuts. This is 100% natural and no chemicals are used. This can be used as a multi-purpose oil for cooking, frying, baking, roasting, drizzling and can be used in a number of beauty applications. This has a mild coconut aroma that won’t overpower your cooking. Cold-pressed coconut oil in Coimbatore offers various health benefits that include lowering the obesity levels in the body, battles insulin resistance, aids in liver health, stops heart disease and high blood pressure, aids with digestion, and acts as an anti-aging component. Coconut Oil in Coimbatore smoothens the skin. The fine aroma of our coconut oil can be used as an essential part of every meal. Coconut Oil in Coimbatore is durable and heat resistant by nature which prevents the production of trans fatty acids when used for frying, deep frying or baking.





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500ml, 1 ltr, 2 ltr


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