Established in 2020, Spiroots is engaged in supplying premium quality cold-pressed edible oils and exporting a wide range of agro products based on the customer requirements. Our goal is to provide the home kitchen user with the very best quality edible oils for the day to day healthy cooking.

Our range of edible oils are carefully sourced and manufactured from the best quality seeds or nuts. The selection of raw materials is subject to strict quality measures and we choose the highest quality of seeds to offer the best aroma, taste and flavour. We maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the manufacturing process right from sourcing organic raw materials to traditional cold pressing techniques. Our products are packed with all of its stupendous health endowments, flavours, richness, and purity intact so that our customers have a healthy lifestyle.

Why should you prefer Cold Pressed Oils over Hot Pressed Oils?

  • In the cold press method, oil is extracted in the room temperature at around 27-degree centigrade with relatively low acidic value. The final product is obtained after precipitation and filtration.
  • The cold pressing method does not need any refinement. Whereas in the hot pressing method the oil is extracted in higher temperatures and the acidic value is significantly high therefore the final product loses most of its natural quality. Cold-pressed oils retain the nutritional value, aroma, flavour of the seeds or nuts they are extracted from.
  • Cold pressed extraction process does not use any solvent and heat to extract oil from seeds, hence most of the healthy compounds are retained.

Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils

  • Cold-pressed oils are rich in nutrients and contains all essential vitamins and other micronutrients that contribute to holistic wellbeing.
  • Cold-pressed oils are free from preservatives and chemicals.
  • Cold-pressed oils are of low cholesterol levels and help to maintain good metabolism when used in cooking.
  • Cold-pressed oil retains antioxidants that help to boost the immune system.

Our Vision

  • To expand the distribution network and building strong presence in national and international markets by 2030.

Our Mission

  • We maintain consistent quality.
  • We maintain long-lasting relationship with our suppliers to customers.
  • End to end streamlining of operations for better efficiency.
  • Developing a strong distribution channel.

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